Parent Info & FAQs


At M.A.T., no day is ever the same, and exact itineraries and schedules vary depending on the specific camp. In general, however, after pick-up at the park, we load up the vans and head to our first location to play, learn, and eat lunch! This could be a local business for a scheduled tour or a hidden river spot down a dirt road! Then we usually drive to our second (and sometimes third) location, such as a hot spring or waterfall, where we spend the rest of the day splashing around and exploring the nature around us. Campers return with a lot of great stories, sometimes a little muddy, and excited for the next day’s adventures… after a good night’s sleep!

Unless otherwise noted, drop-off is at 10am at the Forest Service Park (behind the Limelight Hotel) in Ketchum. Please note that while our Staff arrive early, pre-camp child care must be arranged beforehand. Pick-up is at 4pm at the Park, except on the last day of camp (Thursday). On Thursdays, all camps rendezvous at Whiskey Jacques at 4:15pm for pick-up and to watch a weekly video recapping their adventures. A beloved M.A.T. tradition! Expect pizza and good time. 

M.A.T. has a small fleet of 15-passenger vans specially outfitted to carry campers to and from their daily adventures. We follow all national guidelines to ensure the most up-to-date safety procedures and always require the utilisation of seat belts and car seats/boosters, if necessary. To remove the risk of allergies and maintain clean conditions for all, there is no eating allowed in the vans. All our Staff drivers must be over the age of 21 and must have submitted a rigorous background check to ensure a clean driving record. The safety of your child is our most important priority! 

Our camps with no overnights run from 10am to 4pm. Therefore we recommend that your child eat a hearty breakfast prior to pickup, and we ask that they arrive with a healthy packed lunch. Camps usually break for lunch between 11 to 1pm.  If the camp has an overnight, then dinner, breakfast, and lunch of the following day is provided by M.A.T. Staff. We always carry plenty of water wherever we go and make sure that everyone is hydrated regardless of specific weather or activities. Snacks sometimes provided, but please pack some for your child!

At M.A.T, we always follow the principles of Leave No Trace and strive to leave every place better than we found it. You can help by reducing the amount of single-use plastics and using reusable containers for your child’s lunch wherever possible! Every little bit counts. 

Note: M.A.T. is not nut-free so if your child has allergies or other specific medical conditions, it is important that they be specified in their registration forms. This way, Staff can be aware of restrictions and a plan can be implemented to ensure a healthy environment for all campers. 

Packing lists are sent out prior to camp via email and include a comprehensive list of what to bring in accordance with that camp’s planned activities or themes. However, as a general rule, campers should always come to drop-off ready for a day of fun adventure! This means ideally already wearing their first application of sunscreen and a bathing suit, and with a healthy lunch, water bottle, rain jacket, warm sweater, towel, sun hat, sunscreen, and river shoes in their backpack. 

At M.A.T., our mission is to connect kids with their natural environment in a fun, safe, and fulfilling way. Therefore we don’t allow phones or other screens in camp. This is a time to “disconnect” from distractions and really connect with the outdoors, friends, and the community! If you have to reach your child, or in the event of an emergency, our Staff Leaders can be reached directly and are instructed to immediately contact Staff Administrators with any urgent matter. 

If your child has an overnight camp, they will likely be staying at Idaho Basecamp! Located just 30 minutes north of Sun Valley (over Trail Creek) and equipped with cottages, yurts, campsites, as well as the groundbreaking Borah Basin Building, our namesake facility is a perfect environment for fostering overnight adventures. A full kitchen space, woodland, and the Big Lost River running through IBC means children can splash, explore, and then replenish by the campfire. (Leave room for s’mores!) Camps that go river-rafting or backpacking will overnight in predetermined locations with guides or experienced Staff Leaders. 

Our camps are split for specific age ranges to optimize the experience of our participants. For example, if your child is between the ages of 4-6 years old, our Mini camps will place them in a safe, fun environment surrounded by similarly-aged friends both old and new!  However, if you want siblings or close friends to be in the same camps, exceptions could be discussed! Let our Staff know upon registration and we’ll do our best to accommodate your children. 

Here at M.A.T, we’re proud of our excellent safety record over the past two decades. However, whenever we take kids out of their comfort zone and into nature, risks inherently present themselves. Our Staff are trained to proactively diminish those risks and to always prioritize the safety of campers. In the event of an accident, Staff, who receive CPR/First Aid training, will immediately seek medical attention and inform the Staff Administrators, who will in turn contact parents to rapidly establish a plan of action. It is ESSENTIAL that any medical condition of your child be specified clearly in their registration forms. 

Reach out to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!