The 1st Annual Sun Valley One-Fly Tournament

August 15th, 2020

A family-friendly competitive fishing event bringing together the Wood River Valley community to raise funds for Idaho BaseCamp's low-income youth programs

A Word from our Founder

Thank you so much for being a part of the 1st Annual Sun Valley One Fly Tournament and Raffle! The event was a resounding success and we are proud to announce that we have raised over $30,000 with your support.

By reaching our matching donation goal of $10,000, and with a $20,000 matching grant from the Sahm Family Foundation, all students in Blaine County will now be able to attend our COVID-adapted Out-of-School and After-School programs at the Roots Enrichment Center in Bellevue, ID. This could not have been possible without your generosity and your participation! Your One Fly truly made a difference — and we’re excited to evolve this event in the years to come. Stay tuned!  

— Mathew Gershater, Founder & Executive Director of Idaho BaseCamp

Congratulations to Our Winners

Jesse Armstrong

Winner, Sun Valley Open Flight

Russ Bork

Winner, Senior Flight

Ruth Bloom

Winner, Women's Flight

Lachlan Simmers

Winner, Junior Flight

Sam Christian, Tom Lyon, Peter Lyon, & Breck Lyon

Winner, Family Flight

Naomi & Mat Spence

Winner, Duo/Couples Flight

Wally & Wyatt Limburg

Winner, Parent/Child Flight

Breck Lyon

Winner, Biggest Fish (18")

Brandon Sangster

Winner, "Perfect Zero" (No Fish Caught & Fly Lost)

Thomas Connell

Winner, "One Frog" (Only Frog Caught in Competition)

Vote for Best Photo!

The competition is still ongoing! Head to our Facebook page to vote for the best photo to come out of the event. 

Thank You to our Partners

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