***Backpacking 303

Ages: 12-14

Backpacking 303 is the next challenge for campers who have completed 202 or have prior backpacking experience. This adventure will take us to some amazing spots that aren’t accessible any other way! We will spend four days moving with our packs, getting better and better at setting up and breaking down camp together as we go. And, we will practice other important backpacking skills like backcountry cooking, starting a safe campfire, and the seven Leave No Trace principles. MAT counselors have tons of backpacking and thru-hiking experience, including wilderness medicine certifications, and are so excited to teach campers the ropes! But most importantly, a trip this long leaves tons of time to chat, play games, swim, explore, and disconnect from the rest of the world. Expect a tired but happy camper at the end of the week.

**Includes a triple overnight.


Jul 12 - 15 2021



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