Sprouts Kinderschool

Early childhood education at our Roots Campus. Sprouts Kinderschool is a Waldorf-inspired creative learning experience for children ages 4.5 — 6 years old.

Admission is Now Open for 2021-2022!

Through active, hands-on learning in the classroom and outdoors, the children are able to integrate many ways of knowing the world. We offer a rich balance of academics, art, music, drama, handwork and movement – a curriculum that is lively and current. Children truly enjoy this process of inquiry and they come away with a sense of accomplishment, which sets them on a path of lifelong learning.

Our program includes:

  • Loving and caring atmosphere
  • Healthy lunches and snacks provided
  • Small class individual attention
  • Large outdoor space with garden & animals
  • Walking distance to the river
  • Fostering inner motivation
  • Tailored curriculum to individuals’ style & pace of learning

Meet our teacher, Jessica Banks

Jessica Banks knows that successful students become successful adults. This is her 13th year teaching Waldorf inspired education and her 10th year teaching early childhood development. So far, kindergarten is her favorite age to teach. Jessica served as the Chair of the early childhood development department at the Portland Waldorf school, and received her Waldorf Certification in 2007. She loves puppetry and majored in art education at Arizona State University. Jessica also trained in Developmental education for special needs and studied with Kim John Payne author and founder of the Simplicity Parenting Institute. She is excited to begin the best year ever with your child!

If you have any questions or want to request more information, please contact:

Whitney Gershater, Program Director: whitney@idahobasecamp.org or (208) 309-3076

Jessica Banks, Teacher: jessica@idahobasecamp.org or (208) 721-8654