The 1st Annual Sun Valley One-Fly Tournament

August 15th, 2020

A family-friendly competitive fishing event bringing together the Wood River Valley community to raise funds for Idaho BaseCamp's low-income youth programs

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Why fly-fishing and IBC?

One of Idaho BaseCamp’s goals is to create life-long stewards of the land. When kids are out fishing, they are standing in the water, feeling the wind and the sun on their face and — with some luck, knowledge, and patience — they will hold a fish in their hands. At that point, a connection to the natural world is made that cannot be broken. In a digital high-speed world, this sport is grounding. Once you have the gear, this sport is free — and freeing. Fly-fishing has changed people’s lives and moved them from the city to the mountains. With our two campuses on the Big Lost and the Big Wood Rivers, we want to grow our positive impact on the youth through their experience in nature. Thank you for being part of growing stewards for our wild rivers and supporting the leaders for today and tomorrow.  All it takes is one fly to make a difference. 

— Mathew Gershater, Founder & Executive Director of Idaho BaseCamp

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This summer proves uniquely problematic for sporting events. However, the IBC One-Fly Tournament is uniquely designed to keep all participants and their families safe. Fly-fishing is an inherently socially-distanced activity and the event is designed to place anglers across all the 30 access points and 12-mile span of the Wood River. Each angler  will be required to wear a mask for both registration and reporting before and after their events. Events will be staggered across the day’s schedule to ensure both social distancing and avoid too much pressure on the fish population at any one time. For more information, please reach out to Mathew Gershater at 208-720-1822