What We Do

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Founded in 1998, Idaho BaseCamp is a 501c3 non-profit organization and a leading resource for outdoor adventure education. We are committed to cultivating leaders, individual and community development, and serving the environment. 

Based in Ketchum, Idaho, IBC was founded by Mathew Gershater and has grown thanks to the tireless work of our staff & board, sponsors & partners, and the contributions made by many donors and volunteers. 

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Integrative Cirriculum

We specialize in the building of one’s knowledge of environment, community and individual impact upon nature. Our curriculum is rooted in the acquisition of knowledge gained thru both experiential and academic study. Through group and individual exercises, participants gain valuable natural insight. The new perspectives acquired while attending Idaho BaseCamp provide the internal balance needed to confidently and harmoniously navigate within our modern world.

Youth Development and the Understanding of Ecosystems

Often young adults struggle to feel a sense of both connection and direction. Idaho BaseCamp has created a special one week camp to assist in this challenge. Drawing on best practices from exceptional organizations such as U.S. Navy Seals and Outward Bound, young adults are guided through a one week personal development course which combines individual challenges and group activities while simultaneously building an understanding one’s role within our collective ecosystem.

Physical Confidence and Pushing Mental Boundaries

It was once said, “Argue for your limitations and they become yours.” Idaho BaseCamp believes that life should have no limits. Through expert guidance, we have developed a special series of confidence building experiences. These “BaseCamp Challenges” which have been built to accommodate a variety of physical abilities, require both individual and group cooperation for success.

Environmental Education

For some, getting to experience nature first hand is a rare opportunity. Idaho BaseCamp provides a wide variety of environmental education on key topics such as renewable energy, organic gardening, green building, local wildlife and human impact upon ecosystems.